Fast Moving Consumer Goods- (beginner)


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1. Introduction 

'FMCG' - fast moving consumer goods - covers everything from cosmetics to TV. Therefore, the choice and variety of FMCG sales jobs is also very wide. You can work at every level from sales representative or executive right through to sales director. As a sales representative or 'rep', it would be your job to sell your company's products or services. You would be responsible for finding and winning new customers, as well as looking after existing customer accounts. You could specialise in one area of consumer goods, such as cosmetics or sports goods. Depending on your market, your customers might be wholesalers, shops, businesses, manufacturers or individuals within your specific geographical area.

Your day-to-day tasks are likely to include:

  • Keeping in contact with existing customers in person (Outlet Visit)
  • Making appointments with and meeting new customers
  • Agreeing sales, prices, contracts and payments
  • Meeting sales targets
  • Promoting new products and any special deals
  • Advising customers about delivery schedules and after-sales service
  • Recording orders and sending details to the sales office
  • Giving feedback on sales trends

The finer details…

When not on the road, you could be based in a local or regional sales office, or you could work from home. Given the travelling, a driving licence is important.

You could work for a huge range of companies all over the Cambodia. Jobs may be advertised in

With experience and a good track record, you could progress to a larger sales territory or more important accounts. You could also be promoted to sales team leader or area or national sales manager.

Changing sectors and employers is also a good tactic for career advancement, as FMCG sales skills are fairly transferable.


Money, money, money

Figures are intended as a guideline only.

  1. Basic starting salaries can be between $220 and $250 a month

  2. With experience this can rise to between $280 and $450 a month

  3. Top salaries can reach $800 or more

Many companies offer a basic salary plus commission.

Job adverts usually show the potential total salary including commission, known as 'on-target earnings' or OTE.

Salaries may also include company car, petrol allowance and bonus schemes.

2. To succeed at FMCG sales, you'll need:

  • Excellent sales and negotiation skills

  • Good communication and 'people skills'

  • Confidence, motivation and determination

  • The ability to work well on your own and also as part of a team

  • Good organisational and time management skills

  • The ability to deal with rejection

  • Attention to detail

  • The ability to develop in-depth knowledge about your products and markets

  • Good business sense and a professional manner


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Fast Moving Consumer Goods-
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