• Who are we?

    INSTINCT INSTITUTE provides the professional education services for students and employees who are interested in improving their skills in Information and Communication Technology (ICT). Our founders have experiences in researches of information system (IS), software development, IS consultancy, IT project management, and ICT training since 2013. In addition, we have partners who have great experience in accommodating Information Technology (IT) in supporting the building construction and the architectural design projects. In the belief of our ability to improve the technical skills of the professional, we set our goal to build a professional training institution that support businesses and organizations in public and private sectors from the ICT human resource development angle. We set our vision:

  • “Be the most recognized professional technological training partners in Cambodia”

  • What we do?

    Our vision has inspired our managements and Staffs to carry two missions:

    • 1. Improve ICT literacy to local people in the operating country
    • 2. Produce ICT human resource by equipping our students with the selective professional training and technical experience, allowing them to deliver exceptional quality of work performance to the organization in public and private sector.
    • Currently, INSTINCT INSTITION is providing the professional training program in the following discipline:
      • -   Associate Degree of Information Technology, Web Development, Mobile Application Development
      • -  Associate Degree of Architectural Design.
      • -  Diploma Degree of Information Technology, Web Development, Mobile Application Development.
      • -  Short Course Training in related field of Information Technology , Architectural Design, Media and Photography
  • What does INSTINCT stand for?